Hi!  I’m Juls, from the United States Midwest.  I have a few titles that help define who I am.  Two young adults call me their MOM, one 15 year old calls me her STEPMOM & I’ve just recently become a MOTHER IN LAW (eeks!).  I am a WIFE to a hunk of a guy that I’m happy to be doing life with.  I am crazy about my family & I will do just about anything to make them laugh.  I am a complete foodie & music lover.  The story that brings me to the here & now is a picture of beautiful grace.  I am a work in progress, blessed beyond measure & will spend my days returning that favor by loving those in my life as deeply & wildly as I possibly can while sharing all about the adventure that is my life.

I’ve talked myself out of doing things that take me completely out of my comfort zone, stuff that’s really daring.  Not the type of daring that says jump out of an airplane or go somewhere others tell you isn’t safe.  I mean the kind of daring that sets me up for failure or worse yet, giving people the opportunity to critique me (more eeks!) but I had this moment where I looked at myself and simply said “get out of your way Juls! Just GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY”!

I’m not a grammar teacher, in fact, I’ve barely been a good grammar student.  I don’t consider myself a fancy writer who knows how to use fancy $25 words.  I’m just a girl that loves people.  I love encouraging people to live fully who they were created to be.  I love seeing people flourish & do things they never thought they’d ever be able to do. I love encouraging people in general & I love loving people.

I also love photography!  I love capturing moments, memories, emotion & little treasures of time.  Some have called me a psycographer because I’m always taking pictures so I’ve embraced it.  I’m THAT girl with the camera in her hands, ALWAYS!  Walks take longer, time moves slower & events don’t finish as fast BUT years later when someone is trying to put pieces together, I’m the one that gets the call because there’s no doubt I have a photo to go along with whatever memory they’re trying to recollect.

One of my main top squeeze loves is traveling.  I love putting my own eyes on the many facets of the world.  I love the beauty that the world beholds. I am moved by it.  My soul sings because of it.  I find myself captivated by creation over & over again.   It makes me realize how beautiful every little detail is, how important every little moment is.  I want to taste every morsel.  I want to touch everything I can.  I want to dance under the stars, swim in its waters, & bask in the rays of the shining sun on the different corners of the earth.

So, here I am with my three loves: people, photography & travel.  My desire is to combine the three by taking my experiences with traveling and sharing them with people to hopefully inspire others to dare to DO.